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When calves are worth as much as they are,
adding more pounds makes more "cents."

Rangemate calves

We provide the liquid supplements, creep feeds and services that can help you capture the value!
  • Rangemate 24-12 SQM, 24% Protein, 12% Fat
  • Custom Mixed Formulas
  • Fortified with CoMax
Ranchers agree that profitability is dependant on the efficient conversion of grass into pounds of marketable calf. The products we offer unlock the valuable nutrients available, increase forage digestibility, improve performance and milk productions and enhance health and reproduction.

Protein: urea free, time-released, all natural
Energy: complex Cabs, Molasses-free, Rumen-Inert Fats
Minerals: organic TMS, Rumen-Protected
Vitamins: All-Essential, Optimum Levels

Liquid Livestock Supplements designed for Ranchers by Ranchers.
  • Contains protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals for the range or feedlot
  • Can be custom blended to fit any program
  • Made from corn, soy and vegetable products
  • Fortified with Comax (the natural rumen performance enhancer)
  • Buy Direct- No Middleman

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