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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a supplement?

The protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals which are lacking in the livestock owner’s harvested and unharvested forages can be nutritionally balanced for their livestock’s needs through supplementing. Supplementation is necessary for the overall health and well-being of the livestock, as well as adding productivity, decreased death loss, and increasing the livestock owners income.

Why liquid feed supplement rather than a tub?

Liquid feed is generally 1/3 to ½ the price of tubs or blocks. You will see better performance with liquid, if it is 40 below the animals are not fighting to lick the tub.

Why high fat?

Energy, energy, Energy!! Fat has 2 ¼ times more energy than carbohydrates. It can also enhance reproduction.

What kind of performance will we notice on RangeMate supplements?

Healthier and thriftier cattle, shinier hair coat, loss of hay bellies, strong hard hooves, more able to endure cold weather, less open cattle, heavier calves, plus many more advantages.

Do we need any special skills to feed the liquid?

No, if between 8 and 100 year old, ambitious, have common sense, and can operate a lawn mower, you will have no problem.

How much of the liquid supplement will the cattle consume?

Depends on the outside temperature, what other feed stuffs are being fed, the size of the cattle, desired performance of the cattle, and concentration of the supplement to name a few.

How do we control consumption of the liquid supplement?

Chemically, physically, and timely. Nutritionally balanced so livestock are satisfied.

How can we feed the liquid supplement?

TMR, Liquid wheel tanks, or open top tanks

Why use 4 wheel lick tanks?

Animals will not excrete in them, calves won’t drown, and badgers and birds will not end up in them

How do we measure consumption?

Simple math. Change gallons to pounds then divide by # of cattle. (1 gallon = 10 lbs)

Will the liquid supplements freeze?

No, just a few minor precautions with equipment need to be taken

Will the liquid supplements separate?

Overtime, yes. Supplement needs to be recirculated using a pump or air.

What Equipment do I need for handling liquid supplements?

Storage tanks, pump, delivery tank, hoses

Why a good nutrition program is important in relation to health and disease?

It is much easier and less time consuming to take time to put out a supplement vs. time spent treating livestock. You also need to consider the loss of performance and income once the animal is sick. One animal can be supplemented 365 days a year at the same cost of one injection of a popular antibiotic.

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